BLOKE'S Links, Guide to the Stars and the things they said about Bloke.

Rich Wildheart, "Right Then Pix 1,2,3,4"
Roy Wood, "Congratulations lads you’ve won the guitar”
Janik Gers “..anybody want a chip?“
Saxon “Eh up lads can we use drumkit“
Steve Wright “Do you think one of your songs sounds a bit like the Wonderstuff?”
Toyah Wilcox “Hi guys, would you like some of my birthday cake?”
Glenn Hughes “I really enjoyed the show tonight guys”
Claire Sturgess “We`d like to use one of your songs on the Rock Show”
Blaze Bailey “Keep at it and don't let the bastards grind you down”
Feeder “Cannock ??”
Emma B “ Pete, you can have my red Slipknot boiler suit before I go”
T-Rextacy “ Get it on, just get it on…”

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